You Can
Beat the Books

Here's why you can win...

Sports betting is unlike any other gambling game.  It’s different because you can easily gain an advantage over the casino.

You can win for ONE reason…

You control the rules

You control the lines you bet on.  The teams you bet on.  And how many games you bet on.  And if you bet at all.

With the right rules in place, you can win.


And here is why you lose...

You lose because you buy into some fallacies that you mistake as fact.

For example, you probably think you have to win 52.4% of your bets to profit, when the reality is the closer you get to doing so the farther away from profits you get..

You probably also believe that you have to pay the books a “VIG” on every bet just to play, when the reality is that the only way to win is to avoid paying it. 

You lose now because you play by the books rules…

What is a sports betting system?

Here is the best definition of a sports betting system…

Sports Betting System – A set of rules  that when consistently applied, govern the money management and game selection strategy of a sports bettor, with the objective of eliminating bad bets when there is little profit potential, controlling the amount of risk and number of bets made, and guiding the bettor to the games most likely to produce a long term monetary advantage over the sports books without emotional involvement or extensive statistical analysis.

A sports betting system is just a business plan designed to make the game profitable for you.  If you have a good plan, and stick to it, you will be successful.

Your sports betting systems are THE RULES of the game.

Without them, there are no rules and no advantage can be gained by the player…YOU.

You probably think that making rules and taking control of the game is complicated and hard.  It is not.

Over the years I have developed what I call the Basic Strategy of sports betting.  It is the most basic sports betting system ever devised, and the most powerful.  Just by using the three rules of the Basic Strategy you will gain a small advantage over the books even if you do nothing else. 

It is a simple strategy to eliminate the vast majority of the bad bets offered by the books, as well as the mistakes you commonly make that lead to bad bets.  It takes only a few seconds to decide if a game is worth further consideration.  Simply put, if a game does not meet the criteria of the Basic Strategy the book holds a monetary advantage on the bet.

Let me introduce to you the Basic Strategy of sports betting.

The Basic Strategy of Sports Betting

Bet on Dogs

If you bet on a line of +125 or more, the worst that can happen is you start out even with the book and eliminate the "vig".


Bet on winning teams

If you bet on a team with a losing record, you can expect them to lose more bets for you than they win.

Only ONE bet per day...

This is the Golden Rule if you want to make money betting on sports. It is also the hardest one for people to follow.

Is it really that easy to win?

Yes, and no.

The Basic Strategy doesn’t guarantee you will win money betting on sports.  In fact, there are no guarantees and if somebody tells you there are then you may want to add a grain of salt to what they say.

But it does eliminate the “vig” and at the very least evens your odds.  I would go so far as to say that by applying those three rules to every bet you make you would have an advantage over the house that would make the best card counting blackjack player in the world green with envy.

The Basic Strategy is the foundation of a workable sports betting system.  It doesn’t guarantee you will win, but it makes it possible.


Are you playing the right game?

If you take nothing else away from this site today, I hope it will be this:

The REAL game is not between two teams on a playing field.  It is between you and the books, and the winner will be the one who gains a monetary advantage on the most bets over the long term.

The game for the books is to get you to put yourself under a disadvantage if possible, but it can’t make you do it.  It does that by offering point spread and total bets where no matter which side wins the book makes a good profit.  If you play that game, by the books rules, you will lose.
The game for you is to avoid those bets and stay out from under the disadvantage the books try to get you to put yourself under.  When you play that game, by your rules, you can win.
Where most people consider the book a middleman, you should consider them the competition.  Only when you view the book as your competition will you start asking yourself the right questions and discovering the right answers.

Are you ready to learn more?

What you get...

Sports Betting Strategy

This book will teach you more about sports betting strategy than any other book ever written. You will never look at sports betting the same way again.

NFL Betting System

You get a spread betting and money line system, as well as some thought provoking risk assessment observations that may change what your NFL betting entirely.

NBA Betting System

You will learn how to cash in on some of the big lines available in the NBA. The system starts by creating parity in a league that lacks it, then tell you what to do with it.

MLB Betting System

This MLB betting system is based on applying the Basic Strategy and then looking sparingly at a few selected stat categories to determine the true value of the games.

NHL Betting System

The NHL is second only to baseball for the potential to make a profit. This NHL system goes into selecting high value money line games, and the tricky Puck Line as well.

How To Build
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Sports betting is a business, and this guide shows you how to grow it and turn a small bankroll into two bigger ones