I can teach your grandma how to beat the books in 15 minutes and I don’t care if she can’t tell the difference between hockey pucks and a football bat! And I can teach it to you too….!

I’ve been winning money betting on sports for the last 10 years.  And I would bet the farm that I spend less than 5% as much time doing it as the average “professional handicapper”.  I would also bet that my ROI per dollar bet is twice as much.

I have seen more boneheaded advice being put out there than I care to look at.  And if you are unfortunate enough to believe one of these “sports betting experts”, I can all but guarantee you are about to have your ass handed to you by the books.

That is why I created the 5 Steps to Winning email course.  I am so sick of well meaning losers and shady charlatans ripping off people and causing them to lose that I had to put a stop to it.  This course will give you three simple rules that will GUARANTEE you never lose money again.

And it’s not some magic trick or betting scheme, but a good, fundamentally sound approach to picking the bookies pockets by finding valuable lines and betting them.

IF you can follow these three simple rules, you couldn’t lose money if you wanted to.

All you have to do is sign up.  It’s absolutely FREE.  No credit card.  No personal information.  Nothing but a good email address to receive the lessons.

You could say, the only thing easier than beating the books is signing up to this course to learn how.  Fill out the form below and I’ll take care of the rest.  Once you confirm your email address, you will get the first lesson immediately.

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